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Introducing FundGC, an L Suite Community

A note from our founders

FundGC Members:

We’re thrilled to officially welcome you to The L Suite’s FundGC community! The L Suite is the new parent brand we launched to bring together our diverse member base while continuing to focus your day-to-day experience around a core group of your closest peers.

The L Suite consists of five communities. FundGC (your community) is an exclusive new community curated specifically for CLOs & GCs at venture and growth equity funds. TechGC remains as our community for private, high-growth tech companies, and your public company GC peers now have an adjacent community of their own called PubGC. We have split the community formerly known as DeputyGC into two new communities that are more thoughtfully designed to support your growing teams - Deputy (for your top lieutenants), and a new community called Counsel (for your rising stars).

Rest assured that you are not losing access to the broader GC community you love - we will continue bringing you together with your TechGC and PubGC peers as we do today (e.g., at various conferences and events, on the Braintrust, etc.). This structure simply formalizes how we have informally organized the community for some time now, and it allows us to better personalize the experience for all members.

The new brand also provides a powerful new nomenclature. The L Suite is a nod to the common C-Suite terminology, acknowledging “Legal” as an essential part of the executive suite. You are the right-hand to your CEO, and an essential strategic leader at your company. We knew we needed a brand that unites in-house legal executives and also recognizes the significance of the CLO/GC position. The L Suite is a peer community to The F Suite, our CFO community of which many of your colleagues are members.

Please see the FAQs below for additional information about this update. And if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to either one of us or to We always appreciate hearing from you.

As a final note, we wanted to thank you for being a member and a supporter of this incredible community. It is a difficult job to be a GC, and we’re humbled to be able to play a small role in supporting your journey.

Greg & Kiran

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The short answer is, nothing substantive is changing about your membership experience and you’ll continue to receive all of the same benefits you do today.

    With this new brand and structure, we will continue our efforts to better personalize your experience, including Braintrust discussions and events filled with peers that are more closely aligned to your particular fund structure, investment focus, experience level, etc. We have much more to come on this front over the course of the year, so stay tuned!

    FYI - we also made a few non-substantive changes to the Membership Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use to account for The L Suite terminology.

  • This underlying structure has been in place for some time now, and the new brand simply helps us formalize it.

    We have always taken a slow and deliberate approach to expanding this community, as we understand that the magic is in its careful curation. It's the experience of being in a room (whether physically or virtually) with a group of your closest peers, the ones that have navigated similar challenges as you have and are willing to listen and assist you in a safe space that sets it apart.

    Over time, as we expanded to include a wider range of GCs, Deputy GCs, etc., we also knew there would come a point when we would need to update the branding to create a sense of belonging for all members. That point has now come, and The L Suite brand gives us the structure to create spaces for deeper and more relevant engagement for you and your teams, while at the same time uniting all in-house legal executives under one powerful community.

  • No, membership dues are not changing as part of this update.

  • The URL of the Braintrust platform will change to (but the old URL will redirect to this new one if you forget). You’ll also see a slightly updated look. There are no other major changes to the Braintrust today, but you can expect to see a more personalized experience and some exciting new features in the coming months!

  • Your events lineup for this year was created with these changes in mind, and you’ll find more curated peer groups at roundtable dinners and at conference breakout sessions. You can see all FundGC events here:

  • Please reach out to us at if you’ve recently changed companies or if you believe you should be in a different community.

  • Our team remains one collaborative organization focused on serving you. All emails that used to come from ‘’ (including from the Braintrust, daily digests, newsletters, event invites, notes from our team, etc.) will now come from the ‘’ domain, so please make sure to add this new domain (and, our event platform) to your “safe senders list.” See instructions here.

    For any and all questions, you can always reach out to Our Member Success team will ensure your questions are answered ASAP.

  • Depending on their years of experience and title, they have been placed in either the Deputy or Counsel community and have been notified of this change.

    The Deputy community is now exclusively for the most senior members of your team (those with 10+ years of legal experience and broad job responsibilities), while the new Counsel community has been designed for the remainder of the lawyers on your growing teams. Both Deputy and Counsel members will benefit greatly from being connected with a curated set of peers who have similar roles and responsibilities. Please see here for more details about the membership criteria for each of these communities.

  • Now is a great time to provide the benefit of an L Suite membership for all lawyers on your team. With the exclusive Deputy community (for your top lieutenants) and the new Counsel community (for your rising stars), we’re now able to support a broader range of in-house counsel positions. 

    Please email with the following information for each team member and we will confirm new pricing for you to review:

    • Full name

    • Title

    • Email

    We hope you find this new structure helpful for developing and upleveling your entire team.

  • The first step is to change your Employment Status on your profile. Our team will reach out to you if there's a potential strong fit for a confidential role for you based on your job status and profile.

    More to come soon on additional services for those in transition.

  • Our company logo will be automatically updated on your LinkedIn page. We'll also be emailing suggestions for how to add or fine tune your community description shortly.