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Member Testimonials

The L Suite will quickly become your most valuable professional resource. But don't just take our word for it.

You enhance my in-house life on almost a daily basis!

Melody Williams Dapp, General Counsel, NationBuilder

The one thing in my entire legal budget that I have no doubt about.

Erin Leslie General Counsel and Chief People Officer Candex

They say being a general counsel is a lonely job. And it can be. That's why it's so important to have a great legal network and community to rely on and collaborate with.

Rob Morvillo General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Olo

A hub of knowledge and mentorship to assist and guide me. If you are a GC at a technology company and you haven't already joined, I highly recommend joining TechGC today!

Renee Hunter General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Head of People Operations Proof

In the world of content overload, filtering the information is key. What I like about TechGC is that they curate both the audience and content so well that attending their events is almost a no brainer for me.

Roman Perchyts, General Counsel, airSlate

Literally every GC friend of mine has given me the same first piece of advice -- Join and go to all the events you can.

Vivek Narayanadas VP, Deputy General Counsel and Data Protection Officer Maven Clinic

It is the best legal conference I attend.

Stephan Eberle, General Counsel and Head of Limited Partner Relations, Scale Venture Partners

The conference had all that I now expect - a great line-up of speakers, good venue, great coordination and organization, and just a bunch of good people!

Anshu Pasricha General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Astec

It's a great community you've built and I appreciate all the resources.

Derek Squire, General Counsel, Comcast Ventures

What truly sets it apart is the sense of community and collaboration. Meeting and exchanging ideas with General Counsels and Heads of Legal from leading technology companies was not just inspiring but also a reminder of the strength of the collective expertise.

Melih Yönet, Head of Legal, Intenseye

The Rolls Royce of legal organizations.

Markus Bauman, General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer, Matillion

The best tech industry group for lawyers out there.

Lindsey Haswell Chief Legal & Administrative Officer Moonpay