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Braintrust Platform

Your knowledgeable co-pilot

The browser tab you'll want to keep open 24/7

The Braintrust is the place members turn to daily to ask questions, seek advice and recommendations, pull documents and survey data, and much more. We build and customize this platform in-house with the latest technology to support the unique needs of our L Suite members. With nearly a decade's worth of proprietary data and on-the-ground GC insights, the Braintrust is your unfair advantage. 

Join Your Peers

Preview the magic

See a quick demo of the Braintrust in action.


Extensive Resource Library

Find archived presentations and playbooks, one-of-a-kind peer templates, and a wealth of data insights. Explore our collection of videos from past events and get on-demand CLE credit to boot.


Event Archives

Access videos and materials from previous events, presentations, articles, and more. Quickly get smart on the core topics you need to know to succeed in your role.

Peer Forms Exchange

Don’t reinvent the wheel - leverage the battle-tested forms and precedent shared by your peers. Can’t find what you need? Ask the community.

CLE On-Demand

Fulfill your CLE requirements in all 50 states with our On-Demand library of past event videos. Finally, a way to “check the box” on CLE with material that is actually interesting and relevant.

[The L Suite] has been the single most useful source for peer information, calibrated gut checks and thoughtful advice from similarly situated GCs.

Erica Davila General Counsel Transcarent

Active Peer Support

The Braintrust is where the in-house conversation is happening. If you're not in the information flow, you're falling behind.

  • Tap into an on-demand brain trust

    Join thousands of GCs to discuss the most pressing issues of the moment. Instantly access your closest peers for quick gut-checks, specific benchmarks, and general advice on day-to-day challenges. You'll be amazed at how supportive this community is.

  • Questions, answered

    Easily search through discussion archives for answers and insights alike. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask the community at large, or target a specific sub-group for more curated responses. You’ll find plenty of GCs eager to pay it forward.

  • Unbiased, peer-reviewed referrals

    Find the best outside counsel and vendors for your specific needs, all vetted by your experienced peers and recommended in context. The L Suite's proprietary expert database allows members to hone in on the right solution the first time.

Join a peerless group of peers

This is the room where it happens, and your peers have already discovered it. Once you’re in, you'll wonder how you ever operated without it.