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An exclusive network for GCs in the public sphere

PubGC is the The L Suite community purposely built for GC & CLOs at market-defining public companies. By invitation only.

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Members from

Live Nation
Warby Parker
Hyundai Capital America

Operating in the public markets brings unique challenges

As the GC of a public company, you’ve made it to the apex of the legal world. Everything that your company does faces rigorous public scrutiny and regulatory oversight. You answer not only to your CEO and board, but to thousands of shareholders around the world.

Your peer public company GCs & CLOs are charting similar courses together in The L Suite’s PubGC community. This is the highly-exclusive, tight-knit group changing the course of business.

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Two members at the 2017 National Summit
The L Suite National Summit at the New York Stock Exchange

Learn from the best of the best

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  • Alyssa Harvey Dawson, CLO and Corp Secretary, at Hubspot

    Alyssa Harvey Dawson

    CLO & Corporate Secretary


  • Rob Beard

    CLO, GC and Head of Global Policy


  • Chrysty Esperanza, Chief Legal Officer, at Block, Inc. (formerly Square, Inc.)

    Chrysty Esperanza

    Chief Legal Officer


  • Landon Edmond, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary at Klaviyo

    Landon Edmond

    Chief Legal Officer


  • Kendall Handler, EVP, Chief Legal Officer at IAC

    Kendall Handler

    EVP, Chief Legal Officer


  • Jim Kasinger, GC and Corporate Secretary at CRISPR Therapeutics

    Jim Kasinger

    GC and Corporate Secretary

    CRISPR Therapeutics

  • Cara Schembri, CLO and Admin Officer, at Rent the Runway

    Cara Schembri

    Chief Legal & Administrative Officer

    Rent the Runway

  • Morgan Fong, General Counsel at Instacart

    Morgan Fong

    General Counsel


Build your elite brain trust

Every great leader has a trusted inner circle to help them tackle their thorniest challenges. As a member of PubGC, you are able to instantly tap into a global peer network of 300+ GCs at innovative public companies just like yours. Both in-person and online.

Don’t just make connections, build relationships.

Join a select group

Accelerate your decision-making

Get experienced answers to your critical questions so you can lead ahead of the pace of change. Access advice from peers who have already encountered the same challenges — from board relationships, to ESG, to industry advancements like AI. Peer-vetted referrals, confidential benchmarking surveys, and proprietary data insights are at your fingertips.

This is where the information flows, and you’ll quickly find it essential to operating at speed and scale.

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Catalyze progress

Unlock opportunities for your company with the trusted guidance of your peer GCs and the industry’s leading advisors. Leverage the power of the community to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Elite brain trusts + accelerated decision-making = company innovation and growth. Your CEO and Board will thank you.

Lead with confidence

Membership is by invitation only and includes a wealth of benefits

From a custom-built member platform, to real-time data and surveys, to regular industry-leading conferences (any of which would typically cost thousands), membership in The L Suite’s PubGC community is all-encompassing and all-inclusive. That means that there are no additional fees or reimbursement requests — just an unsurpassed peer community that is carefully designed to accelerate your GC career. It’s the only membership that pays dividends.

Proprietary Platform

This is not your basic Slack community or off-the-shelf software that delivers a one-size-fits-all experience. We custom-built our own community platform from the ground up to support the unique needs of our PubGC members.

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  • Connect & converse with your closest peers

    Discuss the most pressing issues of the moment. Get quick gut-checks on day-to-day questions, or strategic insights on big picture challenges. Ask the community at large, or target a specific sub-group or individual. The give-to-get culture means you’ll find plenty of GCs eager to pay it forward.

  • Powerful research at your fingertips

    Easily search through discussion archives and our comprehensive resource library for answers and insights. Leverage the peer forms repository for tried-and-true precedent, or bank your CLE credits from our extensive on-demand database of past events. Don’t reinvent the wheel or overpay for outside resources or advice.

  • Unbiased, peer-reviewed recommendations

    Find the best outside counsel and vendors for your specific needs, all vetted by your experienced peers and recommended in context. The L Suite’s proprietary expert database allows members to hone in on the right solution the first time, saving you valuable time and money.

Exclusive Events

We host dozens of curated events for the PubGC community every year, each focused on current legal issues and practical advice for today’s public company GC. The peer relationships cultivated here last throughout your career.

International Conferences & Offsites

The community’s marquee events with industry-leading keynote speakers, panels on timely topics inspiring actionable ideas, and deep-dive breakout sessions with your peer GCs who are grappling with the same issues as you are.

Local Meals & Special Events

Come together with your local peers for small-group discussions at the hottest restaurants, or make new connections while watching your favorite sports team from the box seats. We curate the most impactful opportunities in your city.

Virtual Forums & Clubhouses

No matter where you’re located, our extensive calendar of virtual programming delivers the insights and connections you need. Enrich your understanding of today’s pressing issues, ask important questions, and engage in small-group breakouts.

Featured Events

The L Suite 2024 Legal AI Conference

It is crucial for GCs to balance the benefits of AI with ethical considerations in their day-to-day operations, with regards to data privacy, bias mitigation, and maintaining human judgment in decision-making processes. Join us for a deep dive into ways to find the right balance with this transformative field and stay ahead of the curve.

June 20, 2024

San Francisco, CA

More info

Details coming soon

June 13, 2024

Unique Data & Insights

Unlock access to coveted and previously unknown data, insights, and emerging trends from across the ecosystem.

  • pdf

    Q4 2023 PubGC Compensation Survey

    Compensation Survey

    Open file
  • pdf

    2023 TechGC Flash Poll: 409a Valuation

    Topical Survey

    Open file
  • pdf

    2022 Cloud Transactions SaaS Terms Survey Report

    Topical Survey

    Open file
  • pdf

    2022 TechGC Flash Poll: Market Conditions (Layoffs, Valuations, etc.)

    Topical Survey

    Open file
  • pdf

    2022 Compliance Function in Legal Teams

    Topical Survey

    Open file
  • pdf

    2021 Cybersecurity Survey Report

    Topical Survey

    Open file
  • pdf

    2020 TechGC Legal Department Benchmarking in the Time of COVID-19 Survey Results

    Benchmarking Survey

    Open file
  • pdf

    2020 TechGC Data Privacy in the Time of COVID-19 Survey Results

    Topical Survey

    Open file
  • pdf

    2019 TechGC Legal Metrics Survey for In-House Legal Departments

    Benchmarking Survey

    Open file

Annual Compensation Surveys

Compensation data is highly-confidential and notoriously difficult to find. Our exclusive give-to-get annual comp surveys close that knowledge gap, with detailed analyses and dynamic breakdowns across the full range of relevant variables.

Topical Surveys

We go deep with insights and analysis on the core day-to-day topics that our members are grappling with. This includes everything from cloud transaction contract terms to privacy trends to cybersecurity best practices, and much more.

Benchmarking Surveys

We periodically survey our members to provide helpful benchmarking data on evergreen operating topics as well as rapidly emerging new situations. From legal department sizing to market condition adjustments (layoffs, budget cuts), and everything in between.

Resources to level-up your entire team

The value doesn’t stop at the C-Suite. Everyone on your team needs a peer community with curated resources to learn, grow, and accelerate your company’s velocity. That’s why we built two levels of supporting communities to upskill your whole legal department.


Our Deputy community is where the most accomplished #2s and similarly senior counsel gain the knowledge and skills to better support their GCs.

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Our Counsel community is where the most ambitious rising in-house lawyers find answers, make valuable peer connections, and get better together.

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