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ROI for Deputies

Membership in The L Suite is all-encompassing and all-inclusive. No additional fees or reimbursement requests. It's the only membership that delivers exponential returns. 

Annual Membership Cost: $1,250

(85% of The L Suite Members are reimbursed by their employers)

The Problem We Are Solving

It’s 9am and the Deputy GC receives a slack from her CEO by way of the GC:


GC: “that’s a new one… how are we going to figure this one out?”

Old Way…

Google it… all I see are ads/spam, my GC tried that already.

Check Linkedin… who in my network might know this, let me email a few and see.

Email a few other Deputies, some reply, no one knows off-hand.

Post on LinkedIn or Twitter and ask for help? No way… I’ll look like an idiot and my GC and CEO will see.

Ask ChatGPT… ChatGPT says this is a complex area that hasn’t been covered before, contact your advisors.

New Way…

No matter what XXX is, the Deputy GC goes to The L Suite, is able to rapidly get the information or guidance from their peers, and later that day responds with confidence to the GC with a recommended course of action backed by peer guidance.

The L Suite Membership delivers outstanding business outcomes and personal development

  1. Peer discussion threads (free) covering everything from routine day-to-day questions to strategic challenges
  2. Exclusive data, shared documents and resources from leading legal executives for you to make quick business decisions
  3. Best in class leadership development and educational content including 100+ hours of cutting edge presentations
  4. Massive savings on peer-vetted legal services and products
  5. Fulfill CLE requirements with practical, relevant content 

A critical resource during economic downturns...

Taking away dependence on outside counsel...

Helping your company navigate its most vital stages...

With the support of fellow Deputies and General Counsels from today's most innovative companies...

Inspiring our members through best in class events...

Want to know more on the details? Simple read on below or ask our team whose sole mission is dedicated to the success of our L Suite members.

What exactly are the resources The L Suite provides?

A lot. Here's a high-level summary (all included in the membership fee, with no additional costs):

    • There is a very active and engaged discussion forum where all the members communicate on a daily basis. Be able to find answers in real-time to almost any work-related question from peers without going to outside counsel. If the answer isn’t already there, post a new question and get instant feedback from 1,000+ other Deputies.

  • Immerse yourself in rich peer discussion with our Special Interest group Clubhouses. Clubhouses are member-led, small-group discussions that focus on of-the-moment work challenges. Clubhouses allow you to engage with others in your industry or functional area, allowing you to share perspectives and learn from one another.

    • By regularly polling their membership, The L Suite provides invaluable real time data on a variety of topics throughout the year (e.g. compensation data, financing valuations and terms, headcount benchmarking, etc.). This is a very unique data-set that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

    • Attend high-end, exclusive, live conferences at no additional cost throughout the year. Even one of these conferences would typically cost more than the membership fee to attend.

    • These regular virtual conferences keep members up to date on the latest terms and trends across a full range of substantive legal topics, like IPOs, M&A, Venture Financings, Privacy, Litigation, Board Governance, Employment & Executive Compensation, etc.
    • Through The L Suite’s matching algorithm, connect each month to another Deputy who is at a similar stage/size company and who is facing similar challenges.
    • Small group Deputy dinners each month across the country. These events are highly targeted and provide a great opportunity to keep up to speed with all the relevant issues while also building a network of local Deputies at similar companies.
    • Look-up and DM any Deputy (by industry, by stage, etc) in the network when a private conversation is more appropriate. These channels will be very helpful for to tap into and will give a direct line to benchmark against our peer companies.
    • Extensive database of outside counsel and vendors that members have recommended to each other over the years on a matter-by-matter basis. Through this system quickly find the most effective counsel or vendor for very specific issues (or ask the community if it hasn’t been asked before).
    • The member platform also has a repository of hundreds of hours of video content and documents from their past conferences and events. These materials were created by other legal leaders and can help get smart quickly on a number of issues we are likely to face.
    • Members regularly share forms and precedent with each other and their library now has 2500+ (and growing) unique member-created documents. Send out a new request and ask other members to help. This will be incredibly valuable and save a lot of money in outside counsel fees.